How to buy used Apple laptops

Apple laptop computers are definitely expensive and are not aimed at budget-oriented users. Apple laptops are capable of handling any task; they have an amazing aluminum design, great multimedia features and run on their own operating system. But unfortunately even the smallest laptop of them all starts at $999 and sometimes we need more, especially as performance issues become more and more powerful and demanding. So what is the solution for users who really want to buy an Apple laptop?
They can take into account used cheap Apple laptops for sale available on eBay, at online retail stores and on websites with used products. Indeed. If you want to buy the laptop from a physical store, it can be slight difficult, because not many users are placing their used laptops in stores and wait for someone to come in and buy it. Online shopping is definitely the preferable way for users to buy and scout products.


For just around $500, you can get Apple MacBook 13.3” online. The laptop was introduced in 2006, comes with Intel Core Duo processor and the other components, such as memory, hard drive and optical drive can be configured if you find a suitable website. There are some virtual stores that allow you to choose the parts inside your computer, just like with brand new laptops. Thus, you also have control of the price and you can have what you need inside. You can even get warranty for a certain amount of time, extended warranty up to three years for $100 extra. The 17” MacBook Pro version starts at around $700 and also can be configured as you need and with the performance you expect, but the processor running everything is still Intel Core Duo 2.16 GHz. From $1400, you can get the used Apple MacBook Pro 15.4”, but already configured. You can check the prices within the sellers or the company that sells them, because they can be different. Some laptops are in very good condition and they look just like new, so the price required is higher and some with overall good condition are available at lower prices. See also the ratings received by the companies or the sellers, so you can be sure if to trust or not.Moreover, on eBay you can choose from several sellers and you can see exactly the condition of the laptops, if they are functional or not. Laptops are placed on sale for a limited amount of time and within this time; users can bid in order to get the laptop. When the time ends, depending on the final bid, you can be the one in possession. But if you are satisfied with the price settled for “buy now”, you don’t have to wait for the time to reach the end and buy the laptop instantly. You can see the seller’s location and payment methods, the ratings received and so on. For instance, MacBook Pro 15 can be bought only for the parts inside and the price is somewhere at $100. If you are in need of some spare parts for an Apple laptop, then you can consider such option.

The bid price is placed by the seller and perhaps there aren’t many interested in the model, so you can follow the bidding process and you can place your sum of money at the end, to be sure the laptop will be yours.


Best Windows 7 Laptops

Every manufacturer of laptop computers has series developed and each series is aimed at certain needs. And every laptop is rated due to certain factors, such as performance, battery life, design, functionality and so on. When you look for best rated laptops, you see the best rated in portability, in multimedia, business and so on. Well, there are best rated cheap laptops as well, so you can look for the best system that will not kill your budget, but that offers what you need to go through everyday tasking.

Even though we see all these brand new models, all slim and sleek, using the latest technologies, not all users are interested in them, some prefer budget systems and don’t need the hype with performance, being able to play intense games, handle media editing, intense multitasking and so on. For those users and not only, let’s see the best rated cheap laptops, usable and within your budget.


Fujitsu Esprimo V65355 is among the winners in the list, having installed Windows 7 Professional, an ergonomic keyboard and a 15.4” display. Acer Aspire 5532 is a very good choice as well, because within the price tag, you take advantage of some great features. It has enough memory inside to manage multitasking and thanks to the HD widescreen, watching movies and videos is a treat. You can also enjoy its sleek design and you will surely not regret looking it up a bit more. Toshiba has several budget oriented laptop computers and you can find plenty reliable models under $400. Toshiba L450D-13U is aimed at social network fans, processing word documents is also among its best features and it even has loaded Windows 7 on it. For those looking for high portability and who have to travel a lot, a spacious laptop is not very recommended, but a mini laptop is more than suitable. You can easily grab the little one, place it in your bag and just move along. Dell Inspiron Mini has some of the best mini laptops, available in some attractive, funky colors, with 10” displays and enough memory to just browse the internet, handle e-mails, video chatting and editing documents while on the go, or even catching up with friends using instant messaging while taking a sip out of your coffee. Compaq Presario is the one company that focuses only on budget systems and small-business. You have no chances finding a Compaq system aimed at gaming or intense computing handling. Compaq CQ61-324SA has a brand new style, 4GB of RAM, runs on Intel Celeron processor and offers the needed features to stay on the budget, but still go through your tasks with speed. HP is another name that rings a lot of bells inside users’ minds. The company has more multimedia oriented portable systems, but some of them are within the budget. One example is HP Pavilion DM1-1020EA, performing very well for its price and being eco-friendly as well. The LED backlit display has no mercury in it.

Lenovo is known as being among the most reliable companies providing laptop computers. Lenovo Essential G570 has a friendly price and offers a lot within it. For a 15” laptop with Intel Core processors, the system is a winner and very appreciated by users. So there you have it, some of the best rated cheap laptop, will not break the bank, but will not break your patience either.


Sony Vaio Laptops Reviews

Sony Vaio is among the most stylish and the most attractive and performing laptop computers. Their pricing is not reasonable, as the majority of the models will take you somewhere around $1000. But there are some models that are indeed attractive, have the Sony Vaio logo and which can be bought for around $500 or less than that.

Of course, there is also the option to get cheaper versions as refurbished or used, lowering the price considerably and still offering the performance you need. Cheap Sony Vaio laptops are not that easy to find, but the mission is not impossible and you will see that as you read along and find out some of the models.


Available on black, silver and pink, Sony Vaio YB series offers a 11.6” design available at around $450. Design is more appreciated in this case, especially if you go for the bright and vivid pink color. Among the configuration options, you can have inside AMD Mobility Radeon HD 6310, 2GB RAM and a 320GB hard drive, built-in webcam and microphone to handle some video calling and LED widescreen display. The system is highly portable and you can easily count on it when it comes to travelling and taking it to places. VGA and HDMI ports are included in the pack and you will also take advantage of PMB Vaio Edition software, to manage videos and slideshows quickly. Ratings are high on this one and you have to admit that for a Sony Vaio brand new laptop, the price is affordable. In case you prefer something larger, as well around $450, you can consider Sony Vaio EL2 laptop, with a 15.5” display. You will notice the patterns on the lid, so no simple glossy or matte look is provided. You can stay connected at all times and enjoy entertainment with this 15.5” laptop with a native resolution, 720p HD, giving superb color feedback. Inside everything is powered by AMD E-450 processor, connect your Sony to HDTV using the HDMI port and enjoy video calling using the webcam with face-tracking technology. Moreover, as already mentioned at the beginning, you can also take into account getting cheap Sony Vaio laptops as refurbished. You can find some of the examples above at cheaper prices, or you can consider other ones, depending on the screen size you need, configuration and so. Some refurbished Sony laptops can be bought from the company directly, but as there the majority of them are from the newer series, the prices are still over $500. In this case, it is best to check other websites, other online retail stores and even bidding websites. If you really want to find such a laptop, you will surely do. It requires a bit of patience to go through the models, to read user opinions and to see the prices and compare them, but in the end at least you will have the satisfaction that you got the perfect laptop, chosen by you and precisely as you need it.

To conclude, possibilities exist in order to get reliable laptops at cheaper prices, as long as you are willing to do some compromises and not to aim at those new series, with latest technologies and with expensive configuration options

How to buy Tablet Laptops

Can’t settle between a tablet and a laptop computer? Then why don’t have them both in a single device? There are several tablet pc laptops you can invest your money and the advantage is that you can fold them and have them as tablets, with stylus and everything. And when you are in need of some serious typing, some documents, e-mails and blog writing perhaps, then use the keyboard on the computer and have everything in your hands. You don’t have to make a choice when you can have everything exactly as you want to. Cheap tablet pc laptop can be found online as long as you are willing to make some compromises, meaning choosing some older models or choose the newest releases as refurbished or used. But let’s see what there is on the market and you will decide for yourself how cheap or expensive they really are.

HP Compaq tablet pc TC1000 can be purchased as used for less than $200, offering a convertible design and a stylus to help navigating the screen with it rather than using a mouse. It is versatile, it adapts to your way and you can use it in any environment, while at school, at work, while travelling and even at home when you feel like sitting in a comfortable position. The tablet is dated from 2003, runs on Windows, has Wi-Fi, weighs 3.1 pounds and provides 256MB RAM and a 10.4” display. With an improved design and configuration, HP Compaq tablet pc TC4400 offers this time Core Duo processor, 512MB memory and a 12.1” display. The display rotates 160 degrees and the glass is treated to provide superior viewing, durable surface and comfortable while typing. You can search for this model on bidding websites and depending on the seller; you will be offered various price categories.


Lenovo ThinkPad X60 tablet comes for around $250 and offers 2GB of memory, Core Duo processor, 100GB hard drive, Wi-Fi and a 12.1” display. It is one portable device, has a nice polished and stylish design and comes with a long battery life. You can see pictures online about the state of the tablet, the release year, for how long it has been used, the damages upon it and other details that influence the price. Fujitsu Lifebook tablet laptop computer T4220 looks attractive with its white design, available as refurbished, has 2GB memory inside, a 60GB hard drive, Windows XP Professional installed and Intel Core 2 Duo processor along with a 12.1” display. External VGA, three USB ports, S-video port and speakers plus microphone included, are among other specifications. Some sellers online require a minimum sum of money in case you want to add a warranty to the product.

Among the toughest and most durable laptop computers out there, Panasonic Toughbook 18 tablet laptop is powered by Intel Pentium M processor, running at 1.2 GHz, has 512MB RAM, 60GB hard drive and a 10.4” display. But the thing with tough laptop computers is that design is rugged, so don’t expect slim and ultra-light look. It does resist in harsh environments and it has been tested to resist. The majority of tablet laptops have screen sizes up to 12” and no further, because it is rather hard to manage a tablet with a large display, it lowers portability and mobility. But as you can see, some prices are quite affordable.

Laptops for Student

Some expect eagerly to get back in school, to see old friends, to learn new things and just to have another reason to get out of the house. And look at the bright side, back to school means also getting new stuff, including some new electronics like a laptop computer. Back to school laptop sales are awaited by every student, because it is the great opportunity to get a portable system at a more reasonable price and to take advantage that you are in school and you can benefit of some special discounts. So let’s see what are the deals and sales you can find online, so you can manage school better, have your own computer and don’t have to go to an internet café anymore and wait in line.

Acer Aspire AO722 is available for purchase from $329 and it offers a ultra-portable design, just a 11.6” display, 2GB of memory, 250GB hard drive, powered by AMD Dual Core processor, with a slim and sleek design and a large touch pad, so you don’t need to grab an external mouse. The webcam is decent, so you can keep in touch with your family and friends back home and the long battery life is appreciated when you have long courses.


But with this configuration, the medium processor, you will not get blasting performance, so no playing games and no running intense programs. But if you want decent price and decent performance, then this ultra-portable machine is just right. HP Pavilion dm1z also starts reasonably, from $369, but components inside are better, they will provide faster speed in processing, a lot more room to store your items and so on. With the same 11.6” display, you get 3GB of RAM, 320GB hard drive and dual core processor. As design and looks are very important for a student, your laptop must definitely look its best. This laptop shines when it comes to design, the quality of the keyboard and the superb sound. Also, the battery is long and the CoolSense technology helps maintain everything at a normal temperature, avoiding overheating. With an affordable price, you get good graphic performance and long battery life, so what do you need more? Dell is another company that puts the accent on design and features. The 14R model comes at around $499, but it is part of the recently released series and powered by Intel Core i3 processor, supported by the 3GB memory, 320GB hard drive and Intel HD 3000 graphics. With its sturdy design, colorful lids, comfortable keyboard and touchpad, you will be able to take as many notes in class as needed, performance is speedy, so breezy easily through multitasking. On the bad side, watch the battery life, a 14” display will eat more out of the battery compared to an 11” laptop. Lenovo ThinkPad Edge E420s starts from $664 and has a 14” display, 6GB RAM, 320GB hard drive and Intel Core i3 processor. If you are afraid someone will handle your computer when you are out, use the fingerprint reader and keep everyone away. This specific Lenovo laptop has a sophisticated design, it is lightweight and the battery life is excellent. It will endure your daily computer tasking and will do it with style.

Finally, for students looking for high-class, Apple MacBook Air 11” starts at $949 and offers the 11.6” display, 2GB memory, 64GB SSD, superb looks, thin and light, excellent battery life, boots very fast, comfortable keyboard and touchpad, strong speakers and great webcam.

Dell Laptop Reviews

Checking for discounts gives you the opportunity to buy laptop and notebook computers at more reasonable prices. From time to time, every company offers some discount and if not, the retail stores do. If you are looking for a discount for Dell laptop computers, you can stay with your eyes open and search online for offers and special deals. It is no point getting to stores or electronic stores, because Dell only sells their laptops in the online environment. In some cases the discount is quite high and you feel the difference and in some cases, it is not very much. Everything depends on the model, the online store.

Even on Dell’s official website you have chances of finding discounts when you purchase a new system. Dell XPS is the high-performance series, offering laptops with different screen sizes, but with powerful configuration options. In this case, the prices are not very reasonable, but you can benefit of some serious discounts if you know what to look for. The initial price of a Dell XPS 15 can be more than $1400, but with a 35% discount, you can save more than $500 and get it for less than $1000.


The systems runs on Intel Core i5-2430M processor, has 6GB DDR3 memory inside, a 750GB hard drive and dual-layer DVD burner. With such a powerful processor and so much RAM inside, your laptop will work at high speed. No matter what you are handling, movies, games, web chatting, internet browsing, with great audio and image quality, the laptop comes powered with everything and provides excellent performance. NVIDIA GeForce GT525M graphics deliver high-resolution gaming and along with the JBL speakers and Waves MaxxAudio 3 technology, you will be amazed of what you can process. Dell Inspiron 14Z is a combination of the budget series, Inspiron, and the more performing technology of Intel Core i-3 processors. The system is now available after a 17% discount at $799, with a very attractive design, 4GB DDR3 memory, 750GB hard drive and the 14” High-Definition LED display that provides great image quality. According to the configuration inside, the same laptop can come at different prices, so don’t just look at the model, look at what is inside as well. Dell Inspiron 15 is among the cheap laptops, cheap according to price and not quality. It comes at $399.99 and features a 15.6” display, Intel Core i3 processor, you can choose from lots of colorful lids and with 4GB of memory and 500GB hard drive, you will get the speed and the reasonable performance you need for your everyday tasking. Dell Vostro 469-1144 is another Dell laptop available with discount. It has a pricing of around $430 and has very good performance packed inside the hood: Intel Core i3 370M processor, 3GB DDR3 SDRAM, 320GB hard drive and the 15.6” LED backlit TFT display.

To sum up, when in a look-out for discounts for Dell laptop computers, look online only and you will surely stumble upon some examples, as already seen in this article. It all depends on the type of Dell laptop you are looking for, if a budget oriented one or a high-end laptop that is capable of handling all your tasks, to manage media files and play games no matter the requirements. Luckily, Dell is one of the companies that has something for everyone.

Compaq Laptop Skins

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The best refurbished laptops are actually the best laptops on the market, because refurbished means that a laptop computer has suffered some scratches, original package unpacked, some performance issues that needed to be repaired and so on. It is not like there is a distinctive category with refurbished systems, such as series like budget, entertainment, ultra portable, gaming and so on. a brand new laptop can be available as refurbished and you can get it at a lower price, because it draws some bas aspects upon it.

As long as you can live with those aspects and you have nothing to do with, just the will to save some money, you will have nothing to worry about. As the best companies on the market manufacturing laptops refer to Apple, Dell, HP, Acer, Asus, Toshiba, Lenovo and so on, these companies offer refurbished systems for their models. When you purchase a new system, you have three options: getting it brand new, as used and refurbished. There are differences between them, as already explained, so it is up to you.

As Apple is the company that won respect and good reputation from users, the MacBook Pro is the best laptop computer on the market. Its original pricing can go over $2000 if you go for certain configuration options and it depends also the size of the display you choose. Apple has a section on its website offering refurbished systems, the cost difference is not that high, depending on the model, but you can surely check it out to see for yourself. Other online retail stores are also preferable to take into account, as always you have high chances of finding discounts and cut off prices. Furthermore, Dell is one of the well-known brands as well and it only activates online. Dell has several series developed, but if you are looking for the best, then you can choose from the XPS line, which stands for high-performance, or Inspiron Z series, 14Z being a very good example. Laptops use the latest technologies, have powerful features inside and you will not be disappointed with the quality. There is surely a strong reason for their high ratings and positive reviews from users and editors. When it comes to Dell, choosing the configuration options is all to it, because there stands the value of the laptop itself. But if you go for a refurbished XPS laptop, you can really save some more and not go over $1000. Alienware is the gaming series best known by gamers out there and believe it or not, Alienware laptops come as refurbished as well, so you can be sure to check even bidding websites and be surprised by the variety of models available, from the old series to the newest models developed. The same thing is available for the other companies and you can surely put your eyes upon a model and get it as refurbished, save money, but keep the value inside.

To sum up, there are more and more users who take into account buying refurbished laptop computers, because they want to shop smart, they are interested in the money they spend and they like a good bargain. In case you are one of them, you can surely check the market, find a trustworthy seller and get one of the best refurbished laptops out there.


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Mar 132012

Compaq Laptop Skins

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Compaq laptop computers aren’t the most attractive systems on the market. They have a basic design, classic, glossy or matte, depending on the model, but they don’t come out as being distinctive and unique. But this can easily be changed if you know how to manage it. You can automatically change the outside look of your portable system, with a bit of interest and investing a few dollars. What is the solution? Well, getting Compaq laptop skins is the best thing you can do when you need a complete make-over for your computer. If you just want to cover some scratches or dents or you simply want a change, skins are the best way to do it. They don’t cost much and you can choose from a variety of online companies that design skins.

Most of the companies make you pick your model from a list, or specify the size of your Compaq laptop, so you are given only the compatible skins and nothing more or less. Making sure a skin covers perfectly your laptop is one of the must-have conditions. After you choose your laptop model, you can easily view all the categories with skins, browse through all of them and finally make a pick. You can choose among sports, art, humor, color, entertainment, Disney, animals, military, Hello Kitty skins, music and a lot more.


Every category can have a subcategory, so be sure to check everything, just to have the perfect skin. The pricing is around $20-$30, depending on where you buy and the quality. Print should be excellent, you should be able to remove and put the skin again easily and a perfect fit to be assured. Most of the skins are actually sheets of vinyl, with residue-free at removal and using high digital presses for providing the vibrant color quality and graphics you need. As skins are also low profile, they will not interact with docks and you can always have your laptop covered and your skin giving the slight protection and that amazing look. Just imagine that you can have anything you like, any Disney character, any animal, landscape pictures and high-quality photographs. If you don’t want to choose a skin from the website’s personal albums, you can custom your own. It is that simple. Perhaps you would like to have a skin with a family portrait, with your pet, your friends, and your favorite place in the world and so on. you can upload the image you have on your computer, make it settle right on the skin, minimizing it or maximizing it, you can rotate it, add some text if you want and when you are finished, add it in the cart. The company will design the skin for you and will ship it. For custom skins you might have to pay extra, but it is not much and it is better than buying a brand new laptop just because you want a new design. Things can be done easily, you can put your imagination in action and you can show everybody your style and your new laptop computer, not with the black or silver design, but with the one you chose.

Compaq laptop skins are indeed the best way to customize your laptop computer and as you don’t have to spend a high sum of money, everyone has access to them and can make their laptops more attractive.